Week #11

Hi all

Enjoy the coming week's share.

Specific amounts to be emailed out sunday

happy Friday!



Week #10


This week we have another cheese week. Painted goat are going on a little vacay in august so we have 2 weeks in a row & they will be back on September 6th. We have an amazing assortment this week. A real summer bounty!

Hope that you are all well. Enjoy the weekend!



Week #9

Hi All

I hope you've had a good week & survived this heat! THe Farm visit is getting closer, just about a month away. Please mark your calendars for September 8th 11:30-3. It is really a lot of fun!Kids and adults alike will all have a wonderful time & it is really a  gorgeous spread of land!

Sorry for the late will be up later tonight.

See you tomorrow



Week #8

I can't believe how fast the summer is flying by! The veggies are in full swing & the fruit has been fantastic so far! This week we have blackberries for the 1st time, quite exciting! See what else is coming this week in the vegetable section

Please don't forget about the farm's marketplace for such things as: honey, maple syrup, tomato sauce...You can read more in the From The Farm section.

Bring some money with you this week, because we have a terrific special visitor! Quinn Popcorn will be joining us! it is always popcorn season, keep this around for a cozy movie night or just a delicious snack.

If you spoke to Samantha last week about fish and have any thoughts on the subject please drop me a line (email that is) and let me know what you are thinking...would a fish share be appealing? interesting? No way?

Have a  great weekend! See you Monday!



Week #7

HI All

This week Carrie from Just food will be visiting & she's sent along a great note to everyone:

Hi Danielle & 92YCSA!

Below you'll find a few sentences about Just Food's CSA Network/a visit from Just Food. If you have a way to let members know I'm coming to the distro. on Monday (CSA newsletter or maybe Facebook or Twitter), that would be super. Feel free to use some/all/adapt the text below.
Just Food is a non profit that works with communities to make fresh, locally grown food accessible throughout NYC. One way they do that is by helping start and support CSA sites like ours. Over the years, Just Food has helped over 110 NYC neighborhoods connect with local family farmers to create an extensive network of CSA throughout the city. They work to support groups in starting and maintaining CSA sites as well as with farmers who want to grow for CSA. 

Our CSA is part of Just Food's CSA Network, which means $3 of your share fee goes to Just Food to help them build new CSAs, support additional farms and existing sites, and make NYC a better place to eat and live. 

Just Food staff member Carrie Blackburn will be joining us at our distribution on Monday to meet (and thank!) members, talk more about Just Food and answer questions about the Just Food CSA Network. Be sure to take a minute to say hi and grab a reusable bag when you pick up your share. To find out more, visit

Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing you Monday!


This is a cheese week! We will have some extra eggs ($4.50 a dozen) and extra cheese ($9) to sell as well as bread ($2-$10 a loaf) and this week Grand daidy is sending their famous Pizza Bianca as the week's share as well as extra to buy and a few loaves for those of you with shares who prefer actual bread.

See you Monday. Enjoy the weekend!