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March 2012

Please send out the word that registration for the 2012 season is open! If your friends are interested please send them to the farm site

We will be doing another big Market Place on Tuesday April 17th from 4:30-7pm in The Warburgh Auditorium on the ground floor. Please come, brings friends & Family, and spread the word! We will have some great new vendors as well as some favorites returning! I will post the list of who will be there as we get closer.

I have posted this year's schedule in the schedule section. Check it out. We have quite a few THursday pick ups due to holidays. By moving the pickups to Thursdays we are able to save the farm thousands of dollars by allowing them to share trucking costs for those days.


Dear CSA Members

2012 CSA is underway.  We have been seeding in the greenhouse every day.  Onions, white and red, and shallots are the first to be planted.  The greenhouse is a wonderful environment after the dreary wintertime.  A giant modern day solarium: warm, bright with any sunlight that pops through the late winter sky and the smell of earth.  

Next will come the hot peppers, they take so long to grow.  Even after months of tending, the transplants will be very small when we eventually transplant them in the field.  Once they are rooted though, and the heat of the summer takes hold, they grow quickly and seem to soak up the heat into their beautiful, very hot fruit.

Membership shares are selling at all of the CSA sites.  If you have not registered or if you know of someone that may be interested, please go to the farm website to order a share for 2012. 

Welcome 2012.


for Pete Sr., Peter, and Arliss

Stoneledge Farm

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